In September 2017 Kingston RPM teamed up with VIP Events to co-host a record fair at Tolworth Recreation Centre. The RPM team was able to take with it some of its To Make A Record exhibition content, providing a taste of the borough’s musical heritage to the local record collectors who otherwise were there to peruse the wares offered by traders. It was not lost on many that so many of the high profile artists whose records were sought had a connection to the borough, whether being raised or educated in the area or having played live concerts in Kingston, while also noticeable was the volume of records produced by Decca on sale that could have been pressed just down the road in New Malden

As well as offering attendees a glimpse of this exciting history, Kingston RPM also helped to bring a contemporary live music flavour to the event as music from Dr Bluegrass and the Illbilly 8 provided a unique blend of Americana folk and jazz, and a dazzling performance from Swing Dance UK gave everyone the opportunity to learn some fabulous swing dance moves.

Finally the event was used as an opportunity to launch the Kingston RPM project album, a combination of live musical recordings and oral testimonies captured for the project.